seven billion names of god...all true

In 2017 Seven Billion names Of God...All True exhibited at Freezone Studios in Copenhagen using 5:1 surround sound for the first time.

“Not many works of art engage me and make me feel something like this”

"Just like his other work, Seven Billion Names of God…All True creates time to think, opening up space for thought. There’s no specific emotion, but an emptiness where ideas arrive unexpectedly. Like with a lot of his stuff – time gets altered.”

“Fantastic and beautiful - Seven Billion Names of God is completely mesmerising.”

Earlier Exhibitions include:

Wells art Contemporary - Bishop's Palace 2017

Millennium Winter Exhibition 2014

FIRST ELEVEN AT CAST: The new studios in Helston held their first show on 9th and 10th November. I exhibited a new work: Seven billion names of god…all true……..could be described as an ambient film painting. Filmed within the beauty of the Louvre…….a cathedral, different people, looking up at the same ceiling……..

It is drawn, in part from an older song…
“Stay now, new language rides out of the blue
believe it, It’s here for me and it’s here for you
believe it, believe it, humility can break the rules
believe it, believe it, humility can break the rules now,
can’t you see that it’s true, the mountain towers over you
can’t you see that it’s true, six billion names of god all true….”

“I love this work, like looking into a fire, being absorbed by its energy. An ecstatic moment….”
“We each saw something different but came to find the same beauty…”
“We spent much time with this piece of art and shared the feelings and visions that it evokes. It moves with a beauty of slowness. Lovely.”

An excerpt from the film…